New '˜wonky veg' boxes set for Leeds supermarkets

Chef Jamie Oliver has supported the campaign.Chef Jamie Oliver has supported the campaign.
Chef Jamie Oliver has supported the campaign.
SUPERMARKETS in Leeds will offer a new '˜wonky veg' range, with oddly-shaped but edible items on offer at a discounted rate.

Asda is launching the ‘Wonky Veg Box’ trial at stores across the city in a bid to tackle food waste.

The company was the first to introduce imperfect fruit and vegetable sales last year, with the move championed by celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty.

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It is now expanding the range with a new family-sized box at £3.50 each.

Each box has enough food to feed a family of four for a week for £3.50, with vegetables including carrots, potatoes, peppers, cucumber, leeks and onions.

Ian Harrison, Asda’s technical produce director, said: “Our shoppers love Wonky fruit and veg and we’ve seen sales steadily increase over the last year.

“So we’re excited to launch a unique and exclusive Wonky Vegetable box that is jam-packed with ugly winter veg that not only saves shoppers money but helps farmers get more of their crop onto our shelves.”

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