New film tells story of Yorkshire art dealer's feud with Banksy

Andy Link.Andy Link.
Andy Link.
A new film is set to lift the lid on a Yorkshire art dealer's long-running feud with the maverick creative talent known only as Banksy.

The Banksy Job tells the story of Andy Link’s fall-out with Banksy over one of the world-famous street artist’s prints.

It also gives the lowdown on the theft of Banksy’s statue The Drinker from a square in central London in 2004 by a self-styled ‘art army’ led by Andy.

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Billed as a cross between a documentary and a comedy caper, the film will have its UK premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square on Monday, June 12.

Andy, 56, from Wakefield, said: “I’m delighted to have finally got this film up and running and I can’t wait for the premiere.

“It’s been a labour of love over the past three years but I hope it’s all been worth it and entertains people.”

Andy said Banksy had turned down an invitation to attend the premiere, adding: “I wanted to offer him an olive branch but he refused to take it.”

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Andy’s dispute with Banksy began after he decided to buy one of the former Bristol graffiti artist’s prints.

He is said to have asked Banksy via a mutual friend if he could get it signed but the request was rebuffed.

Angered by the knockback, Andy took his revenge by orchestrating the plot that saw The Drinker removed from its plinth on Shaftesbury Avenue.

A further twist followed in 2014 when he placed his own statue on the same plinth, only for it to end up being stolen as well.

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The Banksy Job’s co-director, Dylan Harvey, said: “The plot is so incredible you couldn’t even make it up.”

Banksy’s work has been known to sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds but his real name and identity remains a closely-guarded secret.