M1 Smart Motorway scheme moves on

Variable speed limits will come into force on a West Yorkshire motorway from tomorrow (Tuesday).

Variable speed limits will come into force.
Variable speed limits will come into force.

The first phase of the Highways England smart motorway scheme between junction 39 at Wakefield and junction 42 at Lofthouse is due to become operational after tomorrow morning’s peak period.

The new smart motorway technology will monitor traffic levels and adjust speed limits on overhead electronic signs to keep traffic moving.

Roadworks on a five mile stretch of the M1 between junctions 39 and 41 were lifted last week and an extra lane was opened up to traffic, replacing the hard shoulder.

Contractors are due to complete work on the final stretch between junctions 41 and 42 early in the new year.

Infrared CCTV will also be used 24 hours a day to enable staff in the regional control centre near Wakefield to respond quickly to incidents, closing lanes using red ‘X’s on overhead signs if necessary.

Drivers will also be able to use emergency refuge areas if they break down.