Leodensians are the most energy smart when it comes to saving money on bills

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 3:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 5:04 pm

According to new research from MyGlazing.com, Leeds is the city of the UK most likely to invest in energy efficient windows and doors in order to save money. The survey conducted earlier this year shows the remainder of the country is more likely to reach for a cosy blanket or put on additional clothing to lower heating bills.

Experts claim installing energy efficient windows is the best, long term solution to help homeowners save energy on their bills – but this knowledge isn’t universal.

Over two thirds of homeowners questioned in recent research undertaken by leading consumer advice website MyGlazing.com were unaware that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of a property’s heat is lost through inefficient (old, leaky or draughty or single glazed) windows – something blankets or jumpers can’t solve.

While many areas of the UK are embracing different energy efficient solutions, there is still some way to go in educating homeowners about the benefits of installing energy efficient features within their homes.

The average household could save £215 on their heating bills each year by replacing old and inefficient windows with energy efficient glazing according to MyGlazing.com’s Energy Savings Calculator.

James Lee, Director of Marketing and Communications at MyGlazing.com, said: “Homeowners are inherently energy conscious, and these results show they will still consider even the most traditional methods in order to stay warm. The people of Leeds are very clued up when it comes to saving energy, however, it’s clear there is still a lack of understanding on what the rest of the UK can be doing within their properties to save heat, energy and money and make their living conditions more comfortable.

“Over 60 per cent of those surveyed, incorrectly guessed that less than 20 per cent of a home’s heat is lost through inefficient windows. So it’s no surprise that when we revealed it’s in fact almost a quarter of heat energy that’s lost, more than half said they’d now consider installing new energy efficient glazing.

“Once people understand the benefits and potential savings to be had – in terms of both heat and money – it absolutely makes sense for them to install modern energy efficient windows which not only lowers their bills and creates an environmentally friendly building, but they also make their home look more comfortable and attractive.

“Replacing windows is straightforward and there are so many options available today. On MyGlazing.com we have two key sections to help undecided homeowners. Our Be Informed articles for guidance and our Ideas gallery for inspiration are aimed at helping consumers make the right choice before they buy.”

Of all the energy efficiency options available, you’re most likely to find people in:

Wales using energy saving lightbulbsThe South West reaching for a blanketThe North East with cavity wall insulationEast Anglia with loft insulation and/or window insulating film on their windows. They also are the most likely to simply turn the heating down in a bid to save energyThe East Midlands using voltage optimisation devicesScotland making the most of draught excludersThe West Midlands having solar panels installedThe North West simply wearing extra layers of clothes when they’re coldNorthern Ireland with secondary glazing installedYorkshire with thermal wallpaper and/or energy efficient windows and doors installed

For further information, visit www.MyGlazing.com.