Leeds: Woman survives car tumble

A woman driver had a ‘miraculous’ escape after her car plunged down an embankment and flipped over several times.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 14th May 2013, 9:04 am
Library picture
Library picture

The incident happened on the A658 Harrogate Road near Newby Manor at about 8.50pm yesterday.

Fire and rescue crews from Cookridge, Rawdon and Otley attended the scene.

Watch commander Mike Yewdall, from Cookridge Fire Station, said: “When we first got there we couldn’t see the car. Then we realised it was in a field but the field was 15ft below the road. We had to use ladders just to get down to the field.

“The car had flipped nose over tail and then side over side and ended up buried in mud on its side in the field.”

He said a woman in her 40s was helped from the car but added she did not appear to have serious injuries. She was taken to hospital by paramedics. Mr Yewdall added: “She has had a very lucky escape, it’s testament to the car that she survived. It was a modern car and all the airbags inside went off.” He said it was unclear why she left the carriageway.