Leeds United freeze prices for existing season ticket holders – but new applicants will pay more


Leeds United fans were given a reason to be cheerful today as the club announced a season ticket price freeze.

United said existing season ticket holders can pay the same price for their seat in 2018-19 as long as they renew before a deadline of March 30.

The offer comes on the back of a season when Leeds have had a higher average attendance than half the clubs in the Premier League.

Adult renewal prices for Elland Road’s North Stand and South Stand range from £445 to £536, while in the West Stand they are pegged between £537 and £646.

The renewal price for children aged under 11 is just £69 in the Family Stand, rising to £99 in other parts of the stadium.

The window for same-price renewals is three weeks longer than last year, when it ran from April 18 to May 6.

United’s price freeze for existing season ticket holders does not extend to new applicants, however.

Adults will have to pay £710 for a new applicant season ticket in Elland Road’s West Stand in 2018-19, up nearly 10 per cent from the equivalent price for this campaign.

The prices for new applicant adults in the North Stand and South Stand (£562) and East Stand Central Lower (£678) have gone up by about five per cent.

New applicant junior prices have risen by an average of about six per cent across the board.

United said they had devised the pricing structure following impressive sales of more than 20,000 season tickets for the current campaign.

“These figures are the highest since 2004 and have played a key part in our attendances rising to above 32,000 this season, the highest in the EFL,” said the club.

Leeds today also said that, due to “phenomenal demand”, they would be restarting season ticket sales for Elland Road’s East Stand Upper section.