Leeds recommends: Best places to walk your dog

This week we asked the dog owners of Leeds for their tips and suggestions for the best place to walk their pets. From pretty parks to spacious playing fields, the city is ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Sally Buchanan. Golden Acre Park.

Rachael Cave. Middleton Park.

Leanne Mort. Temple Newsam or Roundhay Park.

Philip Stogden. Anywhere where people pick up the poo as they go!

Michael McNair. Alwoodley Park, on the village green. Picturesque and easy to access.

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Sonia Cane. Adel Woods are very popular, and part of the Meanwood Valley Nature Reserve. The area is really beautiful and well cared-for, and there are so many scents and sounds for dogs to investigate!

Fiona Letts. The Woodhouse Lane playing fields in Hyde Park are great if your dog wants a good run around and a play. Big open space and dog-friendly.

Al Simpson. Meanwood Park is great for dogs and owners. Pretty and lots to do, and plenty of footpaths for dogs to explore.

Matthew Otley. I often take my labradors to Chapel Allerton Park. It’s on a steep hill but is very open so great for playing fetch with your dog and letting them have a great run around. As a bonus, a five-minute walk to the centre of the village brings you to The Woods, which is fantastically dog-friendly both inside and outside. You will often see several dogs in there at once, and the other cafes nearby have pavement seating which is ideal for dog owners.

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Jenny Stirland. Scott Hall playing fields. As long as you stay off the football pitches it’s a great area for dogs to let off some steam.

Alex Sachs. Gledhow Woods - very attractive place to walk around and dogs love exploring there. Some steep inclines though.

Tina Sharples. Eccup Reservoir, near Alwoodley, is a vast open space and spectacular for walking. Dogs can really enjoy themselves and if you like wildlife, see if you can spot any of the red kites which live in the area!

Angela Wiltshire. Golden Acre Park has so many routes to choose from, it’s huge and there are wonderful gardens.

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Tom Ogden. I’d say Middleton Park. Generally north Leeds has better dog walking areas but Middleton is a great mix of woodland and open space.

Sally Anstey. Bramley Fall Woods. Lovely location next to the canal, and there’s a vast network of footpaths so you can try a new trail each time you go.

Graeme McLeish. I tend to walk my dog along the canal, sometimes all the way into the city. It’s great to watch the canal boats go past in summer and my dog has even been known to jump in for a swim!

John Ray. You can’t beat Temple Newsam - spectacular scenery and so much space for everyone who visits.

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Tricia Hall. We have a small dog so take her to Roundhay Park, but it gets so busy that I wouldn’t want to take a larger, more boisterous dog there in case it bothered children and other dogs. It’s important to keep them on a lead in busy areas.

Phil Hipkiss. I take mine out to the Dales. You can’t beat the scenery and for a big, energetic dog it’s perfect having so much space - unlimited space in some ways! From a dog’s perspective it’s an exciting place to be.

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