Leeds nostalgia: Yorkshire Film Archive footage shows Hornsea pottery firm

This week's featured film clip, available to view on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, hails from Horsea.

Founded in 1949 by brothers Colin and Desmond Rawson, Hornsea Pottery originally produced affordable souvenirs for Hornsea’s growing tourist market. The company eventually expanded, making stylish tableware items, and became the biggest employer in the area in the 1960s. This reel of film is comprised of a number of short advertisements for the pottery and the onsite company attractions.

This is a short advertising film made by Hornsea Pottery Company displaying all the attractions of their family centre. The film begins with cars arriving at Hornsea Pottery, where children are playing on a climbing frame, and people are going around the Tea Gardens near the garden centre. The film shows the pottery shop, miniature zoo, cafe and finishing with the kiddie cars. The film opens with an Heirloom mug, and then a young family arrives in a Ford Capri (‘H’ reg). They walk through the outside cafe, visit the aviary, play area with a slide, shop, garden centre and look at the ducks.

They then go on the factory tour.

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