Leeds nostalgia: St George's Crypt, Leeds

This week's film, available to view on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, was made by Charles Chislett on behalf of the CPAS, documenting the charitable work of St George's Church Crypt in Leeds.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 11:20 pm

It shows the work of providing food and shelter for the homeless and gifts for poor children at Christmas.

A credit reads: “Taken with the co-operation and practical help of the Rev. Tony Waite and his “team” at St George’s, Leeds”, adding: “At St George’s, Leeds, the Rev. Tony Waite is carrying on and developing the great work established and built up by the Revd. Don Robins during the eighteen years of his ministry.”

A photograph of Don Robins hangs on a wall as the Rev Tony Waite delivers a sermon from the pulpit along with a group of children.

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The three vicars leave the church.

One of them gets on a miniature motor bike, whilst the other two get into a car and they drive off.

They arrive at another church, among terraced houses, with a small boy with a dirty face wandering around just in shorts.

They fix the billboard outside the church which is falling over. mIt reads: ‘New roads to Adventure’.