Leeds nostalgia: October 1989: Do you recognise schoolchildren?

Schoolchildren pictured by our photographers on October 18, 1989 but at which school?
School children in class.
18th October 1989School children in class.
18th October 1989
School children in class. 18th October 1989

Perhaps you recognise the classroom or some of the children in it. The image was found in our archives, languishing at the bottom of a box, minus its caption. The only other information was on the back of the picture, which included the date given.

Children sit on wooden chairs, at wooden-topped desks, whereas most schools today will have plastic chairs and formica-topped desks. It appears there is some sort of art class in progress while one pupil sits and reads with the teacher (just off picture, to the right)

A larger image of the class is available to view on our website.

If you recognise anyone in the picture, let us know.

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