Leeds nostalgia: Leeds pupil passes MENSA test for second time in 1989

Here's a picture of child genius James Hudson, son of proud mum Nora.

James, a pupil at Springbank Junior School, Farsley, Leeds, was officially dubbed a ‘genius’ after twice passing tough MENSA tests designed for people with a high IQ.

To become a MENSA member, candidates had to pass with a mark of 148 or above. When he first sat the test at his home in Frances Street, Farsley, James scored 154.

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So she could not be accused of helping her son, James travelled to Bradford University to sit the test under exam conditions, during which he passed with an even better mark of 173.

Mrs Hudson, 35, said: “Apparently, that qualifies him as a genius. He has always been a bright lad but this is the first real indication of what potential he has. He excels in most subjects at school and is always doing experiments at home.”

Mrs Hudson, who ran a telesales business from her home, said it was her idea for James to take the test.

She added: “Other people in the family have thought about having a go after seeing how well James did but I think we’re all a bit worried we might not measure up.”

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