Leeds nostalgia: Leeds grandfather shoots two dogs in vicious goat attack... in 1991

In Leeds, a grandfather shot two rottweilers which strayed onto his land and fatally attacked one of his goats.

No-nonsense Ron White, from Thorpe Lane, Middleton, pulled out his shotgun and took aim at the dogs as they ripped his goat apart.

He said he took action because the dogs could have attacked his grandson in the same way. He managed to fatally wound one by shooting it in the head but could only injure the other one, leaving it to run off. Police mounted a search for the animal.

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Mr White, 63, a sheet metal worker, said: “When I looked out of the window, one rottweiler had got the goat by its throat, the other one by its legs. They were literally tearing it apart.”

Mr Clay, a former clay pigeon shooting enthusiast, used his licensed 12-bore shotgun to take the fight to the dogs.

Speaking about his four-year-old grandson, Ben, who was with him at the time, Mr White added: “I don’t know what would have happened if the dogs had got hold of him.”

Police marksmen were called to the scene and finished off one dog but a spokesman said they were searching for the other.

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