Leeds nostalgia: Film shows shool life from 1950s

This Week's promoted film clip, available to view on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, documents different aspects of school life at Arch Bishop Holgate School, many of which take place outside of the classroom.

The film shows both the serious, and not so serious, school activities such as making models, participating in sporting events, and sliding on ice. The boys on the athletics field are shown practicing and competing in track and field events. Following this is a short sequence of a house rugby match with parents watching.

The boys, along with one of the teachers, line up in the school playground and slide one after the other on the ice. First they are timid but then the confidence grows until they dance and spin on the ice. The boys are clearly enjoying themselves ahdn having fun sliding on the ice.

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Later on in the film, in a classroom, school pupils and teachers admire a display of model aeroplanes which are hung from the ceiling. Some boys are out on boats on the River Ouse in York and they make their way through the city centre. Some boys go out on what looks like an old bed frame acting as a raft. Finally the film ends with a hockey match.

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