Leeds nostalgia: Adam Ant takes over the YEP... in January 1982

The word '˜adamant' means refusing to change one's mind, which kind of sums up rebellious 80s rock youth Adam Ant (do you see what he did there?).

Adam, together with his band (the Ants) were the Bros of the 80s, beloved by teenage girls (and secretly by boys) and journalists everywhere.

Journalists in particular favoured them, if only because it allowed them to break out into wanton bouts of flowery language when describing the band, dubbing them things like: ‘kings of the wild frontier’ and ‘lords of the ant kingdom’. It was all very dystopian.

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Our very own pop columnist Howard Corry even managed to get an exclusive sit-down with the band of the moment and the YEP ran an ‘Adam and the Ants’ special, which took over the front page, then pages 2 throught to 9.

He gushed: “Stuart Goddard has come a long way since he used to walk Paul McCartney’s dog as a wide-eyed youngster. He is a superstar himself now... Adam Ant, swashbuckling pop hero, whose warpaint face looks down from a million bedroom walls.”