Leeds nostaglia: Film shows Christmas from 1943

This week's featured film clip, available to view in full on the Yorkshrie Film Archive website, shows footage from Christmas in 1943.

Made by amateur filmmaker Kenneth Raynor, this film includes colour footage of wartime Christmas celebrations in his family home in Swallownest, South Yorkshire.

The film opens showing several music records being placed on a gramophone, before the needle arm moves to engage the record.

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There are then shots of the family enjoying music; men, women and children of all ages sit around the cosy living room, some smile at the camera.

A close up of hands shows a couple with their two small fingers intertwined in a show intimacy and then another record is put on. Next, a woman sits at a piano playing and singing a song, while a young boy and his mother sing along.

Two women then look at a Christmas card, another woman sits knitting. A young boy sits on a suited man’s lap, who makes a face as he tickles the boy and there is a brief glimpse of a small decorated Christmas tree.

This passage concludes with a shot of a woman pouring some drinks. See more at www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com