Leeds MP says a radical solution is needed to tackle air pollution

Alex Sobel MPAlex Sobel MP
Alex Sobel MP
LEEDS North West MP Alex Sobel has said that a radical solution is needed to tackle the 'public health catastrophe' of air pollution.

Mr Sobel stressed the need for action when he completed a second consultation on the proposed Clean Air Zone, which is set to be rolled out in Leeds next year.

The Clean Air Zone will start from the outer ring road and will affect high polluting commercial diesel vehicles entering the city.

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In the consultation and later in his blog ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ Mr Sobel highlighted the need for action on air quality issues affecting Otley and Pool in Wharfedale.

Labour MP Mr Sobel, who has praised Leeds City Council for the work carried out which is aimed at tackling the problem of air pollution, said: “Toxic air pollution is a public health catastrophe in need of a radical solution.

“As a city, we are a in a unique position in which we have an opportunity to make a real difference to air quality levels now and for generations to come. #

“I believe that my constituents deserve to breathe clean air, and I believe that it is only with a Clean Air Zone that we can make this a reality.”

He added: “As well as the ‘stick’ for vehicles that contravene the zone, we need a ‘carrot’ for the cleanest vehicles to enter the city.”