Leeds man with friend request from 11-year-old girl issues warning to parents

The man has issued a warning to parentsThe man has issued a warning to parents
The man has issued a warning to parents
A Leeds man who has received friend requests from 11 and 13-year-old girls on Facebook has issued a warning to parents about the potential dangers of social media.

The man sent the Yorkshire Evening Post a message to spread the word about the issue - and fears other youngsters are on social media adding adults they don't know.

Andy Beelby, who stressed that he did not accept any of the requests, said: "YEP, I felt the need to share this with you because many of your readers will be in the age group of having growing children.

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"I'm in my forties and recently received a friend request from a 13 year old girl.

"I do not know her and I deleted the request. Today I received a friend request from an 11 year old girl. I looked through her profile and found three adults with the same name and got in touch with all three until I found her uncle, whom I told about her friend request.

"This girl has a profile in which I could see her friends, her schools, her date of birth, everything a pervert or criminal would wish for.

"I understand that this girl's mother has gone ballistic with her about sending requests to grown ups and rightly so.

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"Fellow parents, it is unfortunate that I write this but clearly, schools ARE NOT educating our children on internet safety.

"This responsibility is OURS and the time is NOW to stop pretending that our children have a right to privacy.

"They DO NOT have the common sense or understanding of the world to entrust them to be able to look after themselves. The time has come when you MUST become involved with their online presence and take action before it is too late. ACT NOW!"