Leeds likes to look good, survey finds

People in Leeds like to look good and in fact new figures reveal just how much we spend on trying to flash the perfect smile, get a gym-honed figure or have salon style hair.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 12:00 am
TAN-TASTIC: One of the top beauty treatments sought in Leeds.
TAN-TASTIC: One of the top beauty treatments sought in Leeds.

According to the survey Leeds residents spent the most money on gym memberships than the rest of the UK - they spend £840 a year with London being the next big gym spenders at £830.

In pursuit of Hollywood style smiles, money is not to be choked at as, out of all UK cities, Leeds flashes the cash and pearly whites being the city that spends the most on teeth whitening - £1294 a year each on it no less.

And as Leeds ups the competition against the rest of the UK with shopping and retail centres and beauty counters in flagship department stores as well as side street boutiques, our vanity doesn’t end there either.

The desire to look tanned whatever the weather makes Leeds one of the top 5 UK cities for having the most tanning salons - spending £443 a year.

In total, and in the pursuit of beauty, Leeds spends £6994 a year on beauty products and treatments.

That covers a wide range of sunbeds, spray tans, hair, nails, spa treatments, clothes and shoes, gym, make-up, teeth whitening, shaving, face and body products.

The city second to Leeds in the beauty spending stakes is London at £6336 and then Coventry at £6268.

This is comparable to Aberdeen which was last at £2710.

To base their findings, surveyors Totallymoney.com, looked at the top 30 cities by population then conducted a survey to see how many people used products and salons.

Within that it was found that Wakefield was in the top five for hair loss clinics and piercing and tattoo parlours.