Leeds driver spotted with huge carpets obscuring his windscreen

A father walking his child to school had a shock when he spotted this car with its windscreen obscured by CARPETS.

The man saw the overloaded vehicle in Moortown while dropping his son off at nearby Moortown Primary School.

When he challenged the man driving the Ford estate, he was told he could still see where he was going despite the two large carpets strapped to the roof rack.

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"I was just about to cross the road when I saw the car with its windscreen almost entirely covered by the carpets. The driver had the window open and I saw him adjust the position of the carpet as it had moved while he was driving.

"I asked the driver why he was driving dangerously, and he said “' always do it like this' and that it was 'OK, because I can still see where I’m going'."

He took the photo at around 9am on Thursday morning

“Complacent attitudes towards driving are becoming a real concern for me and my family. I’ve also recently witnessed people using mobile phones while driving, driving along the footpaths, parking on pavements, speeding and even a van driver eating a bowl of cereal while passing the school gates at drop-off time."

The driver has been reported to police.

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