Leeds dog injured after discarded fishing hook gets caught in her mouth in Roundhay Park

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The Friends of Roundhay Park have issued a warning to dog owners after a cocker spaniel suffered painful injuries caused by a discarded fish hook.

Poppy was playing near Waterloo Lake when the sharp object, which had been left next to the water by an angler, became lodged in her mouth.

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It pierced the skin and became stuck, leading to her having to have emergency treatment.

Poppy was given painkillers and a course of antibiotics, and is now on the road to recovery.

Park users commenting on the Friends group's Facebook page said that they often saw fishing tackle - including rods, lines and hooks - abandoned beside the lake.

Poppy's owner Gemma Thornton said:-

"It took ages to get the hook out. Three prongs were all jammed in different directions in her lips and gums. It was horrible - she was thrashing around bleeding, trying to get it off. I had to get people in the park to help me. She's now home and sleeping off the anaesthetic."