Leeds: Bingo but not as your Gran knows it

Bingo. Probably the last place you would expect to find the city's young party people living it up.

However, at Canal Mills on a Wednesday night, there are literally bus loads, mainly students, turning up for a twist on the traditional night out.

Billed as crazy prizes with dancing on the tables you wonder exactly what that might entail, but it is exactly what you get at Bongo’s Bingo.

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The numbers are called by Bongo the Clown at a speed your grandmother would have been proud of, then all of a sudden the music changes and the place erupts.

Everyone, literally everyone is on the table for a 30 second burst, then it’s eyes down again until someone calls house.

There is chaos and ridicule as it is a false call, we start again and someone wins a cardboard cut out of Ainsley Harriet - the ultimate student drinking trophy. There are cash prizes too and the drinks are flowing, prosecco rather than lambrini for students these days it would appear.

Game starts again but I have no idea whether it is pink, white or what colour ticket. Chaos. But who cares, such a fun night, the bingo is secondary.