Leeds-based Sky Betting & Gaming wants to see opportunities for all

Holly Straker.
Holly Straker.

Holly Straker, Learning and Development Co-ordinator at Sky Betting & Gaming, writes for Digital City about the importance of inclusion in the workplace.

I recently attended the European Women in Tech Conference to learn from some of the biggest tech businesses in the world.

Soon we’ll be able to monitor our mental health on smart watches.

Everyone has mental health, the same way we have physical health. IBM say recognise it and look after it.

As far as diversity goes, eBay recommend not bringing people into an organisation to tick a box to then leave them feeling excluded. They’ll just leave.

There’s absolutely no point trying to widen talent pools and attract different groups of people to your organisation if they’re not going to stay, feel included and perform. Fix the environment, not the individual.

Microsoft note the curriculum teaches for the jobs of yesterday, not the jobs of tomorrow.

We’re not inspiring children, educating them for the future or breaking down restrictive gender stereotypes in schools.

Booking.com are slowing down hiring decisions to attract diverse talent for a sustainable and successful future and, at Intuit, accessibility is a creative challenge not a challenge for creativity.

Fifteen per cent of the world’s population is disabled and most of us will experience some kind of disability in our lives.

There’s so much more opportunity when things are accessible to all.

Inclusion is not being too PC, boring, banning fun or ticking a box, nor a thing, a network group or the name of a blog. It’s the way we do business.