Indonesia earthquake: Leeds mum tells of relief after daughter rescued from Gili Trawangan island

A Leeds mum has spoken of her relief after her daughter was evacuated following a devastating earthquake that struck islands in Indonesia.

The magnitude 7.0 quake wreaked havoc across the Indonesian islands of Lombok, Gili archipelago and neighbouring Bali on Sunday.

Katy Flay, 33, from Halton, was on holiday on the Gili Trawangan island with her partner Steph when the shock hit.

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Her mum, Paula Bairstow, has told the YEP she feared her daughter could have ended up "in a body bag" as she anxiously waited for her to be rescued by boat.

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But, after hours of waiting, Mrs Bairstow said her daughter had now boarded a boat bound for Bali.

"She has been rescued now. thank God," she told the YEP.

"She is on a boat now back to Bali and then she is flying back to New Zealand.

"It's fantastic news. We are elated as a family."

Footage circulating today showed crowds scrambling towards the coasts, in a desperate bid to board boats to safety, amid chaotic scenes.

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"I don't think they could get them all off in one go," she said.

"Katy said she was very lucky to get on the ship.

"It has been an absolute nightmare. I thought she was going to die."

The pair had shared a 30-second, teary video call soon after Miss Flay boarded the boat to safety.

"Her face was red, she is dehydrated, she looked exhausted. The main thing is now she is on the ship along with others as well.

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"She just kept saying 'I love you, I love you' and I said 'this is killing me'.

"She said she was fine now and she was crying. She was clearly very traumatised.

"The expression on her face was ' I thought I was going to die mum', that's the feeling that I got from her.

"As a mother, I thought she could be coming home in a body bag.

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"The situation is deteriorating so fast. There is no food, no water, they are just snatching it off people.

"I'm glad Katy is off the island but I feel for everyone else."

Miss Flay and her partner now plan to return to their temporary home in New Zealand, she added.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office said staff were being sent to Lombok from the consulate in Bali and embassy in capital Jakarta to assist stranded British tourists.

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Extra flights have also been added to help holidaymakers who want to leave, a spokesman added.

The devastation yesterday triggered a tsunami warning which led to scenes of panic.

It came after Lombok was rocked by a series of similar quakes on July 29.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said: "We are working with the Indonesian authorities to provide assistance to British people caught up in the earthquake in Lombok and the Gili islands.

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"FCO consular staff are deploying to Lombok to provide assistance to those who need it.

"Bali and Lombok airports are open and running a full service. Extra flights are being added to help people who wish to leave Lombok.

"Anyone travelling to the area should check the latest FCO travel advice which is being regularly updated."

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