How to stop spiders coming in your house as mating season creeps up - from spider-repellent herbs to household spices

Spiders tend to crawl out of hiding in the autumn to find a mate, but there are ways to keep the eight-legged arachnids away.
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Spiders might be the least welcome houseguest in the UK and for those who dislike the eight legged freeloaders the most, autumn might be a dreaded season.

Autumn is when most of the arachnids in the UK breed, so the sightings may increase rapidly from September on.

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While spiders are likely to live in your house all year around, the autumn is when they start to wander around more as they look for a mate.

According to, there are several natural repellents to keep the spiders away from the safety of your home this autumn.

Top tips for keeping spiders out of your home during mating seasonTop tips for keeping spiders out of your home during mating season
Top tips for keeping spiders out of your home during mating season

These are the best ways to keep your home spider-free this autumn


Spiders enjoy a messy room with lots of hiding spots. Keeping your living space clean and decluttered gives the spiders less areas to hide and will help keep your autumn spider-free.


Spiders dislike Chrysanthemum flowers, so keeping some in your house or in your garden might be a good idea.

Onions and spices

Spiders dislike onions. Spiders dislike onions.
Spiders dislike onions.
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Some household staples might be useful for more than cooking. Spiders tend to dislike onions and cinnamon. Keep onions in your kitchen and a cinnamon essential oil in your bedroom to keep the eight legged creatures away.

Spider-repellent herbs

Spiders, along with other insects, dislike basil and mint. Keeping basil or mint in a pot in your house will help keep spiders away during the busy mating season.


A scent that many of us associate with calm and conform, lavender is a great spider repellent. A lavender scented candle will help you deal with any spiders that might want to share your living space.

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