How Leeds celebrated World Book Day in pictures

Children in Leeds have been celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite character.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 11:43 am
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 11:58 am
PICS: Third Party

Scores of parents took the time and trouble to post pictures of their children to the Yorkshire Evening Post facebook page. Is your child featured?

Alexander Brown, aged 18 months.
Phoebe May Pilkington, aged 9.

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Maddison, age 6.
Harley, aged 4.
Phoebe Daniels, aged 5.
Jess, aged nine.
Romey, age 9.
Isabelle Thurston, age 9.
Lucas Webster, age 6.
Kye-James aged 7
Lilly-may Webster, age 7.
Rome, age 6
Taylan Rhys, age 5.
Sophie, five, dressed as the Cheshire Cat .
Kolton Adair, four.
Gracie Wheelhouse, nine, a soldier from Flanders field. The theme at her school is poems.
Leah Eshelby, aged 9
Paige Ward, age 6
Summer, aged 7.
Luke, nine.
Jack, age five. "Its Poetry theme this year at my son's school. He loves musicals so Cats (made up of poems by TS Eliot) seemed the perfect choice!" says mum Leanne.
Cara, age seven.
Alex, age five.
Freddie, age 4 .
Lily, age 6.
Tiffany, age 6.
Jenson, age 6.
Kadie Shann-Mills, aged 7.
Isabella Lally, aged 9.
Niamh Lally, aged 8.
Ewan, 10, Flanders Fields; Rhys, 8, the wolf; Iris, 6, Cinderella - both from Roald Dahls revolting rhymes.
Sam Luke and Abigail, age 5
Liana age 6.
Daisy, age 9.
Malachy, six, dressed as the main character from his favourite book.
Bella, age seven.
Lexi Cunningham, age eight.
Lily-May age three.
Harley and Mia. Harley, 5, his school theme is bedtime stories so he's wearing some spaceman pj's and a superhero cape. Mia, 2, is princess poppy because she is her absolute favourite.
Twisted fairytales this year for Zachary, age 5.
Poppy Jones, age 6.
Gracie, age 5.
Leo, three.