Homeless Stars Housing CIC bids to end rising problem in Leeds

Agencies from across Leeds joined forces in a bid to help the city’s homeless.
Homeless Stars Housing Launch event on 28th April 2023Homeless Stars Housing Launch event on 28th April 2023
Homeless Stars Housing Launch event on 28th April 2023

Homeless Stars Housing CIC hosted an event at the city’s Salvation Army on Friday April 28, and welcomed representatives of groups including the Homeless Charter, St Giles Trust and Leeds outreach service with the aim of supporting vulnerable adults that need accommodation.

Founder of Homeless Stars Saima Bibi said: "I have worked with many councils over the past decade and seen the brilliant service that housing options are providing.

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"However, the waiting list for homeless people needing accommodation is too long and it will take a couple of months for the individuals to be given accommodation.

"This is a major issue and it breaks my heart to see people who do not have a roof over the head.

"After speaking to many individuals and assessing their support needs, I can see how they require more than minimal care and support and it's my duty to make sure these people receive this level of support.

"Homelessness is at its peak and we need to all come together as a community to make sure homelessness is eliminated.''

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Saima, who has been working in the social care sector for many years and founded Homeless Stars 2022, said the numbers of people without a home is increasing in Leeds.“There are many people that are homeless due to many factors,” she added.

"This could be due to personal reasons, mental health, domestic violence, substance misuse.

"Homeless Stars Housing CIC feels that everyone deserves a chance and there is a demand in housing and this is the reason why Homeless stars wants to be there to support people that the most vulnerable in society.”

She said she has seen the ‘disastrous conditions’ these vulnerable individuals are enduring, and lack of food, clothing and accommodation has made these individuals lives harder.

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"It has in turn lead these people to not care about their future,” said Saima.

"And the lack of support has caused them to feel self isolated as they feel hopeless with the way their lives are turning out.

"There are young individuals who need to get back into education, employment and integrate back into society and this is our mission at Homeless Stars to do this and work with partner agencies to achieve this.”

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