Highways Agency responds to scores of complaints about 30mph limit on M621 in Leeds

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Drivers on the M621 in Leeds have reacted angrily to a sign on the average-speed controlled section of the motorway, which has been cut to 30mph for roadworks.

The sign, which says #M621works, has not gone down well with commuters, who have taken to social media with the hashtag to make their frustrations heard:

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Many motorists tweeted asking why 30mph limits had been put in place when it did not appear that any roadworks were being carried out during the day.

Mary Grant said: "#m621works Lots of posts on here about the silly 30mph speed limit that's been in place for quite a few weeks even though there seems to be a lack of workforce doing anything. Same as on here - lots of complaints but no replies."

As it turns out, most of the works take place at night, but the speed limits remain in place 24/7 due to an 'unsecured barrier'.

Highways England replied: "Hi Mary. We've responded to lots of tweets about these. 30 limit in place whilst central barrier replaced (most work occurs at night but not safe to remove traffic management in the day due to unsecured barrier). Also junctions to close together to allow a 50 limit."

The average speed cameras are on the M621 in Leeds

The average speed cameras are on the M621 in Leeds

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