Here's how you can help the thousands of victims of killer Cyclone Idai - donate here

Cyclone Ida has caused devastationCyclone Ida has caused devastation
Cyclone Ida has caused devastation
Skipton Building Society is making it possible for people wanting to donate money to support those in need following Cyclone Idai, which has killed at least 300 people in Mozambique, along with another 100 in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The Disasters Emergency Committee has set up a Cyclone Idai Appeal and all donations made through Skipton will go to this appeal.

People can now donate money in any of the Society’s branches across the UK, by calling the Society’s Skipton Direct team on 0345 850 1722 or by visiting our website:

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Cyclone Idai is regarded as one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere as a whole. The storm has caused catastrophic damage in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Ivan Le Roux, chairman of the society’s community steering group, said: "More than 1,000 people have been affected by this devastating cyclone and at Skipton Building Society we pride ourselves in being able to act quickly to support those in need.

"This account provides the facility for customers to show their support to ensure we can help them to rebuild their communities and prevent the associated after effects of events such as this.

“With a network of 88 branches across the UK, simply go to your nearest Skipton Building Society and you can donate money to Skipton’s Cyclone Idai Fund over the counter. Alternatively people can call our Skipton Direct team on 0345 850 1722 and donate over the phone.”

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