"Hendo's on your baguette, monsieur?" Famous Sheffield relish is now being exported to France - with French labels on the bottles

The French Henderson's Relish bottle.The French Henderson's Relish bottle.
The French Henderson's Relish bottle.
Oooh la la! One of Sheffield's most famous exports is set to create a stir in France - after Henderson's Relish revealed it is now selling its spicy sauce across the Channel - with French labels on the bottles.

The much-loved orange bottles, more used to spicing up pies and fish and chips in Yorkshire could soon be adding a touch of flavour to frogs' legs, baguettes and duck a l'orange after a deal was struck to sell the condiment in French supermarkets.

And while the sauce inside remains the same as that beloved by generations of Sheffield, the outside of the bottle has a distinct Gallic twist - with the ingredients listed in French.

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Henderson's, a city delicacy since the latter part of the 19th century, will be sold in and around Paris by French distributor Eric Bur Distribution.

A spokesman said "This is the first time Hendo's has ever headed to France as a proper export product, and the first time its label has been in French."

The distributor plans to sell the bottles to the premium food sector in France, as well as nationwide supermarket chains such as Intermarché and Leclerc.

First produced by Henry Hendersos, famous fans of the condiment include Sheffield-born celebrities Sean Bean, Peter Stringfellow and Def Leppard's Rick Savage.