Watch: Family of Wakefield cancer victim urge women to take part in “uplifting” Race for Life

Sally Dickinson, Barbara Robinson and Lucy Hayward. Picture: Mark Bickerdike
Sally Dickinson, Barbara Robinson and Lucy Hayward. Picture: Mark Bickerdike
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THE MOTHER and two sisters of a Wakefield woman who died from secondary breast cancer in August 2016 say they will “keep her memory alive” by taking part in a Race For Life run in her honour this summer.

Ceri Dickinson was three years in remission and just 38 when she discovered her cancer had returned. Sadly, it had spread throughout her body and she was “powerless” against the disease, passing away just six weeks after her diagnosis.

Her family are calling on local women to follow their lead and sign up to join them at Wakefield’s Race to Life, which takes place in Thornes Park on Sunday June 17.

Miss Dickinson’s mother Barbara Robinson, 66, will be joined by her other daughters, Lucy Hayward, 38 and Sally Dickinson, 36, for the run. The family took part for the first time last year and said it was a “fun and uplifting” way to remember their loved one.

Mrs Robinson said: “I’m so proud to be taking part in Race for Life, along with Lucy and Sally. We will be doing it together again, in memory of Ceri, who we all miss so much.”

Miss Dickinson was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and after what she thought was successful treatment, was moving forward and getting on with her life.

Mrs Robinson said: “She had moved down south, started a fabulous new job, had lots of new friends and everything was going great for her.

“But in the summer of 2016, just after reaching three years in remission, she developed a cough that just wouldn’t go away. She went for tests and they found her cancer had come back - and spread all over her body.

“Sadly, this time it was too late for any treatment that could help her. It was so hard for Lucy and Sally to see their big sister facing cancer again, but this time so powerless against this terrible disease. We were all in shock, Ceri was only 38 and suddenly her future was being taken away from her, and she from us.”

Mrs Hayward said: “We went down to stay with Ceri for the weekend and were all with her, talking to her, stroking her hand, when she passed away. It was just six weeks after she was told the cancer had come back.”

It is now 18 months since they lost Miss Dickinson.

Mrs Robinson said: “For me, I will always be a mum to three daughters. Sally will always have two big sisters and Lucy will still be the middle one. I still talk to Ceri every night, telling her what I have been doing and that I love her and miss her. But I have lots of good things going on to keep me busy and help me stay positive. Lucy has just had her second baby and Sally is about to start training for a new career as a therapy assistant in the NHS.”

Sally Dickinson said the race day would be really important to the family.

“Race for Life is fun and uplifting, but it really hits home when you read the other back signs and realise everyone there has also been touched by cancer in some way,” she said. “It brings you together and reminds you that you are not alone.”

Mrs Hayward added: “You don’t have any control about the horrible downward spiral you find yourself in when you lose someone so close to you, after watching their life slip out of them. But what you do have control of is doing something positive, like Race for Life. Anything to make you feel you can make a difference. If what we can do can help save one life, then it is really worth it. We can’t wait to be back at Race for Life this year and we will be joined by other members of the family and friends who knew Ceri, to help keep her memory alive.”

Race for Life 5k, 10k and Pretty Muddy events will take place across Yorkshire this spring and summer. To enter Race for Life today visit or call 0300 123 0770.