Have toddler will travel world

Stay-at-home mum Emma Stirk is packing her bags and toddler to head off on her world-wide travels with fiance Kieran Haden, writes Amy Goodall.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 11th May 2019, 6:00 am

The couple are ignoring online critism and are adamant that their child Roscoe, two, will develop more than others by meeting children from different cultures at such a young age.

The eco-friendly family even take cloth nappies in their luggage when travelling round the world.

What some families might see as a nightmare, the 27-year-old Leeds mum and former PhD student, describes as a dream come true.

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Learning to say thank you in Thai before English is not something every little boy can accomplish but for this family from Wortley, it is normal.

Emma, who put her career on hold while she travels, said: “I don’t think people realise you can still travel with a baby. In fact it’s the most portable thing.”

She added: “Roscoe is at his happiest when travelling with us and I love to see that little smiley face.”

From backpacking around Asia and Indonesia to Bali, the family are now setting out to reach the other side of the world without using any form of plane.

The young family like to be as eco-friendly as they can at all times and have even gone so far as to live a plant-based lifestyle too.

Vegan oat milk and cloth nappies are on their weekly shopping list as both Emma and Kieran believe sustainable parenting is the way forward.

After learning to walk in Italy and becoming used to hot climates, Roscoe and his parents are now back in chilly Leeds for a few months to spend time with family.

However, it’s not all blue skies as comments are often fired at the family for taking such a young child travelling.

Emma says some friends, family and even people they do not know online have been sceptical about their backpacking adventures.

“They’ll be complaining that they can’t afford a house when they get back,” said one Twitter user.

However, Emma insists that renting a house is easier than buying her own given that they wouldn’t be there half the time anyway.

Some are questioning if this choice of lifestyle is the right thing to do for the child, and if he will actually benefit from it.

Despite the comments, the family still rise above it and are planning where to go next after just returning from their most recent travels to Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Although Emma is a full-time mum, she still finds time in among the travels to keep up her online blog, giving advice to other parents in similar situations.

Her partner Kieran is a software developer which makes it easy from him to work from his laptop wherever he is in the world.

The Yorkshire couple say that their toddler has already visited 12 different countries.

After saving £7,000 to go on their most recent trip of three months the pair will continue to be thrifty with money while home to save again for further adventures.

Emma’s top tips for travelling with a young child:

Take cloth nappies - it stops you having to buy more and reduces packing.

Ensure your child has the necessary vaccinations.

Take flights overnight so your child can sleep.

Only take 1-2 pairs of comfy shoes each that match with every outfit.

Ignore criticism, you only live once.

If you’d like to know any more about this Leeds-based family and their next adventures, follow them exploringwithmamabea.com