Has Banksy just adorned a Yorkshire bridge with his latest artwork? The evidence is compelling...

A real Banksy? Picture by @ChloeMorris_13A real Banksy? Picture by @ChloeMorris_13
A real Banksy? Picture by @ChloeMorris_13
A new piece of graffiti on a bridge in Yorkshire has the city talking, for it is believed to be the work of none other than the infamous graffiti artist Banksy.

The artwork depicts a boy, mouth agape, raising a makeshift sword, carrying a shield and wearing a cap and an upturned colander on his head.

Painted in black and white, the figure is accompanied by the words ‘Draw the raised bridge!’ in white capital letters.

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The artwork’s credibility as an authentic Banksy appears to be verified by a post on what is believed to be a genuine instagram account of the secretive graffiti master.

Its appearance on the Scott Street Bridge in Hull city centre has sparked excitement on social media.

@Tigerjill tweeted: “I’m ridiculously excited about this!” @BhsMuralHull said: “Me too! I love the image, play on words & comment on Hull’s relationship to the water.

The #ScottStreetBridge was raised in 1994 and has remained raised.

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To me the bridge was another poignant reminder of Hull’s maritime heritage; doubly so now, with it’s colander-hatted warrior.” It remains to be seen if measures are taken to preserve the artwork, but this latest ‘tag’, whether it is the real work of Banksy or not, is sure to see fans of his work flock to Hull city centre to check it out for themselves.

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