Harrogate's main town centre Post Office set to close down next year

Harrogate's main town centre Post Office is set to be shut down and replaced by a concession in WHSmiths, the organisation has confirmed.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 10:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 10:13 am
Harrogate's main town centre Post Office set to close down next year

A new agreement announced last week revealed plans to relocate 40 Post Offices into local WHSmith stores across the country in 2019.

The Post Office has now confirmed that Harrogate's main branch on Cambridge Road is included in the list of affected sites.

Post Office Network and Sales Director Roger Gale said: “WHSmith and Post Office have worked together successfully for more than a decade and our collaboration helps to secure our services on high streets for years to come.

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“We’re continuing to respond to unprecedented change on high streets and in consumer trends. By adapting to the needs of customers we’re making sure Post Offices will matter as much tomorrow as they do today, with services available when and where people want them, in convenient locations and open for longer hours, including Sundays.

“We’ve made significant changes in our network of 11,500 Post Offices over the past few years, modernising more than 7,500 branches and increasing opening hours for customers by more than 200,000 a week. We’ve also developed our services, including the introduction of everyday banking for customers of the UK’s high street banks.

“The vast majority of the Post Office’s network of 11,500 Post Office branches, large and small, are run on a franchise or agency basis with retailers as part of thriving businesses. It makes sense to further expand this successful, sustainable way of providing Post Office services to customers.”

WHSmith currently runs 135 Post Offices within their high street stores throughout the country.

The scheme will also see WHSmith move to a franchise arrangement, of 33 Post Offices already sited in stores but currently operated directly by the Post Office.

The total number of Post Offices operated by WHSmith in their stores is therefore planned to rise overall to over 200 by next year.

Relocations of Post Office branches are subject to six-week local public consultations. These will be announced in the relevant areas when there are detailed plans.