Habitats fears over homes plan

Concerned residents have objected to a housing plan that they feel could encroach on a 'local mosaic of habitats' for wildlife in Bramley. C&C Developments UK has made outline plans to build 14 homes and 14 apartments next to 320 Pudsey Road '“ the former site of a quarry near to the Post Hill nature area. Nine objections have been lodged so far.
Land next to 320 Pudsey Road. Picture: Google.Land next to 320 Pudsey Road. Picture: Google.
Land next to 320 Pudsey Road. Picture: Google.

Terry Pogson, of Harewood Way, said: “I am extremely disappointed that there could be an apartment block so close to my garden giving me a view, not of a nature reserve, but of an apartment block roof.”

David Adsetts, of Fulneck, Pudsey, said: “The land forms an important wildlife corridor. I have video footage of badgers and roe deer on my land which have approached from this side.”

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He added that it “forms part of a local mosaic of habitats”.

But the landowner Steve Cotton said he wants to improve the site. “You have this scar of a wall which is 12 metres high and it has graffiti on it.

“It’s a massive eye-sore. We’re going to obviously landscape over it so that it disappears.

“We are trying to do it in a really sympathetic manner and create great living space.

“We don’t have to build shoe boxes.”

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He added that the views of those living on top of the hill would not be affected by the because they would be able to see over the top of a development.

Various plans for the site, which is not on the green belt, have been approved over the years without being successfully followed up.

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