Green light expected for 119 homes for Wetherby

Walton Road, Wetherby. (Pic: Google)Walton Road, Wetherby. (Pic: Google)
Walton Road, Wetherby. (Pic: Google)
An application to build more than 100 houses in Wetherby looks set to be approved by a panel of politicians next week.

The plans, set to go before Leeds City Council’s north and east plans panel next Thursday, could see 119 houses built on land off Walton Road.

But locals have objected, claiming the development would put a strain on the area’s infrastructure, as well as causing traffic delays in certain areas.

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The panel had heard details of the plans last month, but had told the applicants to provide more detail on how the site would affect the local area.

A report set to be discussed on Thursday, November 8 claims that the applicants have offered to pay for a sheltered bus stop, a residents-only parking scheme to ease traffic flows and contributions to various local transport schemes.

But the application received a number of strong objections.

A letter sent to the authority by Boston Spa parish council read: “We oppose the proposed development as it will have a cumulative effect on traffic over Thorp Arch Bridge and up and down Bridge Road thereby adding to the existing severe traffic problems.”

It added that the parish council believed nearby primary schools could not cope with the extra numbers of children the development would bring, and also claimed the nearby doctors practice was “full to capacity”.

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Another organisation, calling itself the Thorp Arch Group, sent a letter to the council’s planning department, claiming: “The current appraisal, and the planners’ comments at the (October) panel hearing, fail to address the planning deficiencies of this proposal. Unless and until the issues can be legitimately countered based on planning policy and guidance, then the application must be rejected.”

The Leeds City Council report concludes: “The information above on matters relating to accessibility, sustainability, the impact upon Thorp Arch Bridge and how the proposal sits against the various neighbourhood plans in the area has been set out in order to aid members consideration of this application.

“It is considered that the proposals do represent a sustainable form of development and accord with the development plan when read as a whole, including the Thorp Arch neighbourhood plan, whilst not compromising the objectives of the adjoining Boston Spa and Walton neighbourhood plans respectively, and with the guidance set out within the national planning policy framework.

“The recommendation is therefore to approve the application, subject to the conditions set out and the completion of a legal agreement to secure the identified planning obligations.”