FOREST TOWN: New information on bodies found buried in garden.

Police are set to release more information on the two bodies found buried in a Forest Town garden later today (Monday, 14th October).

By Andy Done-Johnson
Monday, 14th October 2013, 11:09 am
Body found at 2 Blenheim Close, Forest Town.
Body found at 2 Blenheim Close, Forest Town.

On Friday, the Chad exclusively revealed how an elderly couple who lived at the address in Blenheim Close, where two bodies were found in the garden, mysteriously disappeared in the late 1990s,

The elderly couple moved into the house on Blenheim Close, Forest Town, in around 1987 and lived at the address for around eight years.

It is understood that they moved to Forest Town from the London area, and had told neighbours that they planned to move to Morecambe.

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Other reports also claim that the elderly couple told residents that they planned to emigrate, prior to their disappearance.

Keep checking our website for the latest updates, and read Wednesday’s Chad for the full story.