For Real Leeds! Your guide to the newest buzzwords of 2017

Yo, fam, how's it hanging? If you have no idea what that sentence actually means then brace yourself for the newest influx of words that all the cool kids will be using on their Instagram comments in 2017.

Slang has always been around and the past few decades have produced words we’re all now comfortingly familiar with (remember terms like ‘rad’, ‘411’, or ‘righteous’, from the 80s, for example?) But language evolves as time goes on, and every year a new batch of words and phrases appear which have sprung from a mix of origins, such as youth culture, and in particular, social media.

2017 is no different, and leading translation service LanguageLine has carried out research to find out what the words on the street are going to be this year.

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Vanessa Lofts, translation sales manager at LanguageLine, said: “It’s always exciting to see how language changes and develops, and it usually starts with young people. Now you’ve got no excuse not to understand them – and even join in! For real.’

So, if you are a slightly behind-the-times millennial who is desperate to catch up with the cool crew, or a parent wanting to figure out what your teenage kids are saying, here is our handy translation:

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