Family's plea as Yorkshire mum Sally Major undergoes cancer treatment in Germany

The family of a Yorkshire mother undergoing cancer treatment in Germany has been told it is starting to work, just days after her young children were told to say their final goodbyes.
Sally Major and her family.Sally Major and her family.
Sally Major and her family.

Mother-of-four Sally Major, 33, was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in May 2015 and had been warned by UK doctors that the disease was incurable.

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But her husband Liam, determined to not let her go without a fight, issued an impassioned plea to the public earlier this year to help fund treatment at a specialist centre in Germany. More than 3,700 people donated to help and this week, as the total raised reaches £70,000, he said they have enough to fund just one more week of treatment as her care reaches a critical stage.

“We have had a very scary week,” he said in an update on the family’s Facebook page ‘So, Sally Can Wait’. “On two occasions over the last few days we have all prepared ourselves for the worst and thought we were within minutes of the end. We had the kids saying their goodbyes to their adored, amazing mum, all declaring our love for her and expecting the worst. Seeing her unable to move, speak, communicate at all has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to witness.

“We were then told that the new treatment is working, and seemingly very well, however this has also added strain to the kidneys which is critical at the minute. This week has been the most testing yet, taken us all to rock bottom, but my amazing, courageous rock of a wife is slowly pulling it back and today has managed to pucker up for Maisy and murmur ‘love you too’. That’s all we needed.”

Across Yorkshire, thousands of people have now donated to help pay for Mrs Major’s treatment, and a family and music festival is being organised in the grounds of Utopia at Broughton Hall on Saturday, May 6, to help boost the funds further. Her family have already re-mortgaged their home in Silsden, and sold their car to help pay for the treatment at the Hallwang Clinic, near Stuttgart. But they are again now facing running out of funds.

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“Once again I feel awful with the begging bowl, asking those who have already helped so much but we don’t have anywhere else to go and need your help to spread the word further,” said Mr Major.

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