Snow could fall when Yorkshire is hit by Arctic blast

Frosty morning are expected across YorkshireFrosty morning are expected across Yorkshire
Frosty morning are expected across Yorkshire
The end of April is set to feel more like winter than spring due to cold air being pushed down over the UK.

Temperatures are expected to fall below freezing in parts of Yorkshire due to the Arctic wind that will swoop down over the county on Monday.

Met Office forecasters are also warning that showers will turn wintry, with snow a possibility on higher ground.

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However, the ground is expected to be too warm for any accumulations.

Things are expected to pick up towards the end of the week before temperatures pick up as we head into May.

The Met Office forecast for Yorkshire:


Cloud will increase during the evening and although dry at first, some outbreaks of rain will spread in overnight, mainly over hills in the west. Remaining breezy. Minimum temperature 7 °C.


A colder, breezy and generally cloudy day with rain, then showers. The showers turning increasingly wintry though the day, especially over hills, and may become prolonged at times later. Maximum temperature 11 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Cold and windy with sunny spells and locally heavy wintry showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Overnight frosts likely. Generally cloudy Thursday with scattered showers, but feeling a little less cold.

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