Drunken Leeds woman breaks police officer's leg

This is the smirking face of a woman who broke a policeman's leg when she drunkenly kicked out at him as he was putting her in his car.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th July 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:58 pm
Michaela Robertshaw, who broke a policemans leg when she kicked out at him as he was putting her in his car.
Michaela Robertshaw, who broke a policemans leg when she kicked out at him as he was putting her in his car.

Leeds Crown Court heard PC David Oldroyd was sent to Kentmere Avenue, Seacroft around 10pm on April 27 after a neighbour had complained about Michaela Robertshaw’s abusive behaviour.

Robertshaw was found in her home, drunk and visibly upset, saying her nephew had just died, said Alisha Kaye prosecuting.

As they were taking her outside she began shouting obscenities at the neighbour who had called the police. When she was arrested she became violent and aggressive towards PC Oldroyd.

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As he tried to put her in the car she leant forward as through she was going to bite him, so he pushed her away and she ended up on her back on the seat.

Miss Kaye said Robertshaw “kicked out in an aggressive manner towards the PC catching him on the inside of his left knee causing it to twist and buckle underneath him.”

He summoned assistance and when she continued to struggle and try to get out of the vehicle he could only lean against the door to keep her inside until help arrived.

She was taken to Elland Road police station while he went to hospital. X-rays revealed a broken fibula which meant he was off work six weeks before returning on light duties.

The court heard Robertshaw had previous convictions for assaults on police and was given a community order only a month earlier for an assault where she spat at an officer.

Ian Cook representing Robertshaw said on April 27 she was in a highly emotional state making a nuisance of herself to her neighbour and the police after getting drunk.

She had suffered a number of recent bereavements and that day had received news the body of her nephew, who had been missing, had been found in Leeds Canal.

She was already taking medication for depression and combined with alcohol “it did not make a happy cocktail.” He said Robertshaw had now sought help for her problems and the Probation Service felt they could work with her.

Robertshaw, 42, admitted grievous bodily harm and was jailed for 18 months after Deputy Circuit Judge James Spencer QC said she had been violent before towards the police and there was no excuse for her behaviour that night. “He was only doing his duty.”