Drinkers at Wetherspoons pubs can now order booze on their phone without going to the bar

Drinkers at Wetherspoons pubs will never need to queue for a pint again - thanks to an app that allows drinkers to have food and and booze delivered to their table.

Customers at the chain’s pubs will now be able to let their phone and bar staff take the misery out of queuing at a crowded bar by placing their order from their table.

The pub chain has released its ‘Order & Pay’ app across the country.

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You tell the app where you’re sitting, what food and/or drink you’re after, and the bar staff pick up the request and bring it to your table.

The company has been testing the app in a few of its pubs. Now the technology has been rolled out across 900 pubs in the UK and Ireland.

“Want to enjoy a meal with youngsters, but cannot leave them unattended, while you go to the bar to order – use the app,”

Spoons writes on its website. “Visiting the pub on your own and do not want to lose your table – use the app.

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“Not so mobile, or sitting a long way from the bar, and unable to easily negotiate a busy pub – use the app. Don’t want to carry a large round of drinks back through a packed pub or to have to make more than one trip to the bar? No problem – use the app.”

“Since its introduction, the Wetherspoon Order & Pay app has proven a big hit with customers and is now available in all of our pubs across the UK,” says the company.

“No more queuing at the bar – just use the Order & Pay app, sit back and relax, and the order is delivered directly to you at your table.”

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