Draft plan finalised for future of Leeds suburb

The centre of HeadingleyThe centre of Headingley
The centre of Headingley
A draft plan setting out priorities for the future of Headingley has been formalised by a community group - who now want local residents' feedback.

After years of hard work and consultation within the suburb, a draft Headingley Neighbourhood Plan (HNP) has now been put together and will be presented at a meeting of the HNP forum steering group tomorrow.

The plan, when finished and approved, will become a blueprint for Leeds City Council planners to use when they consider applications for the area.

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The document states: “Our vision is of Headingley as a vibrant, inclusive, sustainable community which supports everyone’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. A place with good quality housing; good access to walking, exercise and play; strong communities providing mutual support and a thriving town centre and local economy serving our local residents and welcoming visitors and workers.”

The plan lists its objectives as making sure housing stock meets the needs of more people, including old, young and those with disabilities; preserving and improving the suburb’s heritage, maintaining existing and growing green space and endorsing any process which makes the area more environmentally-friendly.

The plan also aims to improve Headingley’s sense of community and social cohesion. It says: “Some of our design suggestions, as they contribute to walking and mobility, will also contribute to social interaction, which in turn has the potential to reduce loneliness, a contributor to ill health. An increasingly beautiful environment will also help.”

The plan will be presented by the steering group at the next Headingley Neighbourhood Plan Form tomorrow, Tuesday April 17, at 7.30pm at the New Headingley Club, on St Michael’s Road.

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Once the final plan has gone through formal consultation, it passes to an external examiner for approval before a local referendum. If passed, it then has legal powers in the city council’s planning remit.

For more information email the group at [email protected].