Doctor, video games maker and teacher - what Yorkshire children want to be

When Yorkshire children grow up most of them want to be either a doctor, nurse, video games maker or a teacher, according to new research out today.
Dream Big: Yorkshire children want jobs in science, technology, engineering or mathsDream Big: Yorkshire children want jobs in science, technology, engineering or maths
Dream Big: Yorkshire children want jobs in science, technology, engineering or maths

The top 10 list - commissioned by Disney Princess to launch a new short film called Dream Big - also includes zoo keeper, sports star, artist, vet, police officer, pilot and dancer.

Many of the top jobs are science, technology, engineering or mathematics related.

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What would your dream job be and why? Leave a comment below.

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A UK poll of 1,013 parents and the same number of children, aged three to 12 years old, asked them to choose their dream jobs from a list of over 50 options, ranging from model to miner

It featured 118 parents and 118 children in Yorkshire.

Dream Big explores the ambitions of children and their parents.

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The research also found that the top three dream jobs for girls in the UK are teachers, dancers and doctors, whilst for boys in the UK, are videogame developers, astronauts and secret agents.

Girls also focused heavily on creative careers with actor, artist, dancer, fashion designer and writer all featuring in the top ten careers.

Ninety one per cent of parents in Yorkshire said they have not given up on realising their dream job with writer (14 per cent), zoo keeper (12 per cent) and pilot (12 per cent) being cited as their ideal careers.

One in 10 (nine per cent) of adults have given up on their dream job – with 50 being the age people in the UK are most likely to stop dreaming – whilst eight per cent said they had already achieved it.

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Anna Hill, VP Disney Franchise, UK & Ireland, said: “Disney is a company founded by the biggest dreamer of all, and we believe it is important to inspire young people to have the courage to make their dreams come true.

"The modern character attributes of Disney Princesses – whether fearless and loyal like Mulan or creative and inquisitive like Rapunzel – show that you can accomplish anything if you dare to dream big.”

The Dream Big film explores the dreams and aspirations of different families and how they differ across generations.

Filming the honest reactions of four families, it sees real children and their parents and grandparents talk about their dreams and shows how important it is to ensure you never stop dreaming big, however old you are.

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Parents and children can also visit where they can get inspiration to work together to create a Princess Dream Box, to store their dreams and special memories.


Doctor/nurse (26.3 percent of all children chose this as an option)

Videogame/app/web maker (20.3 percent)

Teacher (19.5 percent)

Zoo keeper (18.6 percent)

Professional sportsperson (16.1 percent)

Artist (16.1 percent)

Veterinarian (14.4 percent)

Police officer/detective (14.4 percent)

Pilot (14.4 percent)

Dancer (14.4 percent)


Teacher (31 percent of all girls chose this as an option)

Dancer (29.2 percent)

Doctor / nurse (23.8 percent)

Actor (22.7 percent)

Zoo keeper (22.3 percent)

Artist (20.6 percent)

Fashion designer (20.3 percent)

Veterinarian (19.9 percent)

Writer (15.4 percent)

Chef / baker / food maker (14.9 percent)


Videogame / App / web developer (22.4 percent of all boys chose this as an option)

Astronaut (20.1 percent)

Secret agent / spy (18.8 percent)

Professional sportsperson (17.9 percent)

Pilot (17.5 percent)

Zoo keeper (17.4 percent)

Police office / detective (16.8 percent)

Scientist (15.7 percent)

Firefighter (14.8 percent)

Train driver (12.7 percent)


Writer (13.7 percent of all boys chose this as an option)

Zoo keeper (12 percent)

Pilot (12 percent)

Photographer (10.3 percent)

Interior designer (9.4 percent)

Professional musician (9.4 percent)

Actor/actress (9.4 percent)

Chef/baker/food maker (9.4 percent)

Doctor/nurse (9.4 percent)

Veterinarian (9.4 percent)

* The research was conducted by FlyResearch between July 7 and 14, 2016 amongst 1,013 parents and 1,013 children aged 3 to 12 years old in the UK. FlyResearch is a MRS Company Partner and fully adheres to the professional standards of the MRS and ESOMAR.