Designers working on Pokemon Go-style gaming app for Cycle Superhighway users

Software developers from the University of Bradford are working on a 'Pokemon Go'-style app aimed at users of the Cycle Superhighway.

The 'augmented reality' gaming app is supposed to encourage cyclists to learn about road safety while riding along the segregated route between Bradford and Leeds.

City Connect is working with the university to design the app, which takes inspiration from 2016's viral hit Pokemon Go, and will base its first prototype on the original Cycle Superhighway.

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And developers have found a way to overcome the potential safety risks arising from using a mobile phone while cycling - they are also designing a secure strap which attaches the cyclist's device to their handlebars.

The intention is that the game will be used in a similar format to a sat-nav, drawing cyclists' attention to possible hazards during their journey.

A user is awarded points for safe riding and deducted them for dangerous and reckless manoeuvres. The team behind the project hope that it will appeal to groups who don't traditionally use cycle routes.

"Much like Pokemon Go has got users out walking around to ‘play’, this will encourage more people to cycle using one of the City Connect routes,” said head Simon Couth.

The prototype app will be showcased at City Connect's Cycle City Active City conference in Bradford on May 11 and 12.