On this day in Yorkshire 1936

Giant Airship Passes Over Leeds

Friday, 1st July 2016, 9:00 am

The German airship Hindenburg passed Westwards over Leeds at 1.10 p.m. yesterday, a bare eight hours after leaving her base at Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Because of her gigantic size, she appeared to be flying lower than she actually was, and the Swastika was clearly visible.

She made very little noise — less than a small aeroplane—but this, again, was due to her flying higher than she seemed to be. Scores of people ran from shops and offices to catch a glimpse of her as she flew over City Square. Many, however, were disappointed, as her appearance was unexpected.

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The Hindenburg crossing over the Irish Sea between Barrow and the North of the Isle of Man.

Within two minutes of leaving Leeds she was sighted at Yeadon Aerodrome, and within ten minutes she was flying low over Keighley, where a bunch of flowers was dropped from the airship a few weeks ago by a German priest with the request that they should placed on a relative’s grave.

Crowds returning work after lunch had a fine view of the Hindenburg at Keighley. and she was observed in many Yorkshire towns and villages.

From Hull to Leeds she appeared to follow the river to Goole. From there to Pontefract she kept alongside the 12.25 train from to Wakefield, so that railway travellers had a continuous view of her. At Pontefract she branched off as though following the railway lines to Leeds.

A number of R.A.F. ‘planes escorted the Hindenburg from Grimsby about noon. One appeared to make her the centre of a great loop, and the holiday-makers at Cleethorpes enjoyed the spectacle.

The Hindenburg crossing over the Irish Sea between Barrow and the North of the Isle of Man.

The Hindenburg passed over Hull at 12.15 p.m. and was seen clearly by thousands of people. It was flying at a comparatively low altitude, but the drone of the engines could scarcely be heard. The Hindenburg continued over the Humber in the direction of Goole.

Goole people had an exceptionally clear view of the airship when she flew past over the North side of the town. For fully five minutes the airship remained in view of sightseers at Goole, and her glistening silver sides in the bright sunshine made an impressive picture. The Hindenburg also passed over the former airship station at Howden, where the RlOO was built.

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