Yorkshire Air Ambulance says it is "appalled" after group of youths steal flight helmet

Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Yorkshire Air Ambulance
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Yorkshire Air Ambulance has said it is "appalled" after a flight helmet was stolen while an air ambulance landed to save a life.

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The incident happened last night as an air ambulance landed in the West Royd area of Shipley, West Yorkshire.

A 'group of youths' are believed to have stolen the expensive flight helmet as the crew responded to a 999 call.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has now responded with a full statement on the incident.

Abby Barmby, Yorkshire Air Ambulance's director of marketing and communications, said: "We were appalled to hear that one of our valuable flight helmets was stolen from the back of our helicopter whilst our crew were responding to an emergency 999 call last night in Shipley.

"We understand that a group of youths were involved, and cannot comprehend why they felt it necessary to take such a vital piece of our equipment.

"Our flight helmets are specialist and vital pieces of equipment all our crews wear in flight.

"Not only are they worn for protection and safety purposes, they are also worn so the crews can communicate with each other in flight.

"Each helmet is bespoke to our crew members and cost in the region of £2,700.

"Unfortunately it looks like there has been too much damage done to this helmet and it will now need replacing.

"As an independent charity who relies on charitable donations to help fund our vital work, having to replace costly items of equipment that have been unnecessarily damaged for no justifiable reason is extremely disheartening.

"We would however like to thank the kind people in Shipley that managed to locate the helmet and return it to the crew, and also to West Yorkshire Police who have been of great assistance."

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