Woman glassed in Leeds street 'cat fight', court hears

A woman was glassed with a broken bottle in a ‘cat fight’ between two women on a Leeds street.

By Nick Frame
Saturday, 30th July 2022, 4:30 pm

Betty Stanhope and Naketta Nelson were hauled before a judge this week to answer for their actions on Temple View Terrace.

Bystanders filmed them on their mobile phones and goaded the pair as the scrap unfolded.

The footage was played at Leeds Crown Court this week after both women had pleaded guilty to affray.

Temple View Terrace, where the fight unfolded.

Prosecutor Alisha Kaye said Nelson had gone to Stanhope’s home at around 8pm on June 16 last year, and began banging on her front door with a stick.

A group gathered and began filming and cheering her on.

Stanhope then came out and Nelson went to strike her before they both grabbed a bottle.

Nelson grabbed Stanhope by the hair before Stanhope swung the bottle.

Stanhope then swung the bottle again and it smashed on the side of Nelson’s head.

Stanhope then pushed the bottle to Nelson’s neck.

The fight was eventually broken up and Nelson was taken to hospital - needing stitches to her ear, head and hands.

Stanhope required a tetanus booster after being bitten during the scuffle.

Both were arrested but neither gave a reason for the fight.

Nelson, age 35, of Torre Mount, Burmantofts, said she thought her daughter was at Stanhope’s, so went there. She admitted being drunk at the time and could not recall what it was about.

Stanhope, age 50, said she had never met Nelson before, and she too had been drinking.

Both have previous convictions for violence.

Mitigating for Stanhope, Jo Shepherd said she was remorseful and has not touched alcohol since.

For Nelson, Caroline Abraham said: “She has a limited record of some age and has remained out of trouble for some time.

"She has the ability to abstain from criminality.”

Judge Penelope Belcher told them both: “It was a nasty and unpleasant incident. You Stanhope are very fortunate you are not before the court for a much more serious offence.

"It’s unclear why this incident happened.

"I’ve seen the footage and it’s very unpleasant to watch.

“If this had been two teenage girl I would be describing it as a ‘cat fight’, that’s what I saw.”

He handed both of them 12 months’ jail, suspended for two years.