Warning to Leeds pet owners after three cats found beheaded in Horsforth and Seacroft

Concerns have been raised after three cats were found beheaded in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 5:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 5:30 pm

The dead cats were found just five days apart in Seacroft, Horsforth and Bradford.

Police were informed about a decapitated cat in Seacroft on Saturday, May 22 by Leeds charity Cat Action Trust 1977.

In a social media statement, the charity wrote: “We were called to pick up a deceased cat at Seacroft tonight and when we got there we found the cat had been beheaded."

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Concerns have been raised after three cats were found beheaded in Leeds and West Yorkshire. STOCK photo of cat, not related to incidents.

Comments on their Facebook page expressed deep concern for Yorkshire’s cats and the unknown person committing the crimes.

One post read: “This is appalling, I can’t believe how inhuman some humans can be, my heart goes out to the poor kitty and her owners.”

Whilst another commented: “Words completely evade me - what a barbaric act on an innocent and defenceless creature.

"The police must take action.

"Violence of any kind is a cancer in our society and must be stamped out immediately. Shocked and appalled.”

Cat Action 1977 described the cat as a “one-year-old friendly female” who had “probably” trusted the wrong person.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that the cat was found on a footpath on Redmire View, but said they are still unsure by the means in which it was beheaded.

An offence of criminal damage has been recorded.

This morning, a man reported on social media that his wife was ‘upset’ to find a decapitated cat in Horsforth, on the footpath running into Cragg Woods.

He told cat owners to “be aware”, whilst Cat Action Trust 1977 have encouraged people to “keep your cats in at night”.

The charity have also alleged that an owner was left ‘devastated’ today after their cat was found beheaded in Bradford.

They were sent out this morning to go and scan a deceased cat, only to find out that it had been beheaded.

Cat Action Trust 1977 have reported the incident to the police and SNARL - South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty.

Police have asked for anyone with information about the incidents to contact them quoting the crime reference 13210255082.