Wakefield detectives issue burglary warning after high value cars stolen in Crofton, Sandal and Walton

Homeowners are being urged to keep their car keys hidden following high value vehicle thefts in the Wakefield district.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 4:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 4:12 pm

Wakefield District CID today reminded drivers not to leave keys on show near doors or windows after a recent increase in burglaries during which cars have been taken.

Around eight incidents have been recorded in and around the Crofton, Sandal and Walton areas of Wakefield in the last four weeks alone.

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Thieves have largely targeted high value German cars in the offences, police said.

The Wakefield District CID vehicle crime team is investigating the incidents and possible connections between the thefts which have taken place in the early hours.

Detective Inspector Andy Kelly said: “We are investigating a recent increase in thefts of higher value cars in parts of the Wakefield District, and do believe a number of these offences are linked with offenders deliberately targeting specific brands.

“What we have noticed in several of these cases is that cars have been stolen after thieves have been easily able to spot keys near windows or doors, making it much easier for them to steal vehicles.

“We would always urge drivers to keep their keys out of sight and to make sure doors and downstairs windows are secure and locked at night to avoid giving a thief an easy ride.

“There are also other measures we can all consider to protect our cars such as using a garage if possible, or installing some exterior lighting to deter an offender.”

Tips for keeping your car safe and preventing burglaries

When You lock your car, check the door handle before walking away and don’t leave keys on show near a letterbox or cat flap.

Steering wheel locks can also provide an extra level of deterrence.

Consider CCTV and good exterior lighting around your driveway as this will deter thieves.

If you have a garage consider using it to house your car.

Make sure euro cylinder locks on external doors meet the TS007 (3 star rating) or Sold Secure Diamond Standard for lock cylinders ( SS312)