Leeds stalking victim had to 'upend her life' to escape years of misery with violent partner who held her arm over hot cooker hob

A mum had to 'upend her life' by leaving her home in Leeds to escape years of violence and cruelty inflicted upon her by her abusive partner.

By Tony Gardner
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 4:30 pm

A court heard how the woman had to leave behind her children and family support networks to live in a refuge as she feared she would be killed by David McIntosh.

Leeds Crown Court heard heartbreaking details of the mum's suffering as McIntosh was given an extended prison sentence over the abuse he subjected her to.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said the victim had been in a relationship with McIntosh for a number of years and they have a child together.

David McIntosh was given an extended prison sentence of six years at Leeds Crown Court for stalking and assault offences against his former partner.

He was convicted of a four offences of assault against the woman in 2020.

One of the attacks involved him causing her burn injuries by holding her arm over a cooker hob.

Mr Sharp said the victim ended the relationship a week before McIntosh began stalking her in September last year.

The woman contacted police to report more violence against her by McIntosh on September 6 and 7.

He was granted bail with strict conditions not to contact her while the allegations were investigated by police.

The prosecutor said McIntosh continued to contact the victim in "flagrant breach" of the bail terms.

On September 11 the woman was in Leeds city centre when she saw her former partner following her.

He accused her of being unfaithful to him and she walked away and got on a bus.

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She decided to get off the bus as she had moved to a new address and feared McIntosh would follow and find out where she lived.

McIntosh approached her again when she left the bus and told her to go with him

Through fear, she agreed to get on a bus with him but she ran from the vehicle when McIntosh went upstairs.

The 39-year-old defendant attacked her the next day as she was on Royal Park Road, Hyde Park.

He became angry as he saw her talking to someone and punched her in the face.

The court heard the woman then left Leeds and moved to Northampton because she was so afraid of McIntosh.

Two days later she received four phone calls from him.

McIntosh made the calls from Cardigan Community Centre, in Leeds, where the woman used to attend church.

The defendant had asked staff there if he could use the phone and pretended to be calling his dad.

He instead made threatening calls to the victim, saying: "Wait until I get my hands on you. I know I am going to jail".

Later the same day he rang her from a phone box and made threats to stab her in the neck.

Mr Sharp said: "He claimed it was she who had caused all this and that she was going to get him locked up".

The following day McIntosh went to the victim's mother's home in an attempt to find out where her new address was.

He claimed that the woman had attacked him and caused him injuries but was told to leave.

On September 19 he made repeated phone calls to her between 10.30pm and 1am the next morning.

He accused her of being unfaithful, claimed he was suicidal and said he had been admitted to hospital in a bid to manipulate her.

McIntosh, of Beckhill Avenue, was then arrested.

He pleaded guilty to stalking and common assault.

The victim provided a statement to the court describing the years of terror she had been subjected to.

Mr Sharp said: "She had to flee her house and had to move to a women's refuge in the Northants area.

"The victim says the defendant accused her of constantly being with different men and accused her of being unfaithful.

"She simply cannot take his violence and abuse any more and that is why she had to move.

"She describes him as a bully and talks of having to run away as she believed he was going to kill her.

"She effectively paints a picture of someone who has been so worn down by his conduct that she has been compelled to make considerable changes to her lifestyle to avoid contact.

"She has had to upend her whole life, leaving family and support networks behind in order to be free from him".

In the statement the victim said: "His drug taking increased to extreme daily levels. He scares me and intimidates me all the time. I have felt trapped for years".

McIntosh has previous convictions for assault, harassment and breaching restraining orders.

The four offences of assault in 2020 involved McIntosh kicking and punching the victim, grabbing her by the hair and holding her arm over the heat of an electric hob, leaving her with a scar.

A probation service report described McIntosh as posing a serious danger to the woman and any future partners.

Leila Taleb, mitigating, said McIntosh pleaded guilty to the offences at an early stage.

The barrister said: "He has had a period of time to come to terms with his actions.

"After talking to him today he has come to terms with the realisation of what he has done and that custody will be inevitable".

McIntosh was given an extended prison sentence of six years.

He must serve a custodial term of four years followed by a further two-year period on licence.

Sentencing, Judge Tom Bayliss QC said: "The victim personal statement makes shocking reading.

"You have accused her of being with different men. She has never cheated on you but you are obsessed with the idea that she has.

"She has tried to work things out with you but your drug use has increased and your behaviour scares her and intimidates her.

"You have controlled where she goes and who she speaks to.

"She has felt trapped.

"Like many victims of emotional abuse, she loves you but you have taken advantage of that and made her life a living hell.

"Your conduct was intended to maximise fear and distress and was persistent over a significant period.

"Being on bail with conditions not to contact her did not stop you.

"The risk you pose can only be managed by an extended sentence of imprisonment".